Change …. For you or for me???

When we ask for a change do you know what your really asking for? You ask for better cars, better phones, better washers and dryers . But you do you know actually What that means ? I know soon were going to eventually succumb to a world where we have no say, no opinions, and don’t do anything for ourselves. I’m not sure how many people don’t like what they see . I often wonder if I’m the only one . When technological advancements are being made I am always hesitant.”No I don’t need my cell phone to read my text messages ” . “No I don’t need my car to parallel park for me”. And I definitely don’t need my sunglasses to give me directions”.
“They”( being the people who have control over our lives and gives us laws that we live by ) know what drives people. Things that require us to use less brain power. When the hell did we become so lazy. The more lazy we become the more power you give “Them”. I welcome change but not when it requires less of my thought process and more of “this is what is does because this is HOW WE WANT you to do it”.

Please know any technological advancements made that don’t “advance” you as human ; as a person – is not really an advancement. We are not advancing as a species. But we are becoming more reliant and less useful to our world. The more they can dumb us down, the more they can control exactly how we do things.

So I who is the change really for “you” or me ???

Brand new Me

I woke up one day and decided I wanted to live better . Not just better but longer. So I started researching to find out ways I can cleanse without doing any thing extreme to my body. I stumbled upon doing a fruit fast. So I researched and researched and researched some more. I read enough and decided I was going to fast for 3 days. The 3 days were extremely difficult. The hunger would not go away. By the end of the 3 days I felt rejuvenated. But I knew the 3 days in a row was a lot. So I settled on fruit fasting 1 day every week for the rest of my life . Today is the 3rd month I’ve been on this regimen. Although I didn’t fast to lose weight I started at 138pds today I stepped on the scale and I am 129 Pds.

Losing the weight was an added bonus. But the benefits of having more energy, and just feeling like my body and I are connected is a great feeling. I didn’t become a health nut but a chain reaction has started. I became more focused on what I was putting into my body. No meats more beans .fish and veggies and a lot of fruit and water. But ironically I crave more sweets :/

In the end I realized my health is the most important to me. If you are unhealthy you cannot fight ailments. If you cannot fight ailments ….. Guess you know the rest